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Cougar Athletics

Oakton High School


Cougar Athletics

Oakton High School

Cougar Athletics

Oakton High School

Cougar Athletics

Oakton High School

Oakton High School Athletic Boosters GO COUGARS!

Boosters Home.

Welcome to the Oakton High School  Athletic Boosters 

The OHSAB (Boosters) Mission:

The Oakton High School Athletic Boosters (OHSAB or The Boosters) is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization composed of parents, administrators, coaches, and community members who have an interest in supporting and promoting the Oakton High School athletic program.


  Quick Links:

  Booster Membership (order online)


  Volunteer Opportunities

   Alumni Fundraiser


Donations are tax deductible!


The Boosters focus shall be to: 

  1. Fundraise to support the Oakton athletic program (All Teams)
  2. Promote school spirit throughout the high school and community at large
  3. Support our student athletes to achieve excellence in academics, athletics and sportsmanship.

The role of fundraising shall be to financially support facility maintenance, equipment, capital improvements and other items not covered by Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) funds that will enhance and expand the athletic programs and benefit the maximum number of students involved in athletic programs. 



DID YOU KNOW that Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) only pays for officials, coaches’ stipends, security, and buses for athletic events.  All the other needs and expenses of our teams need to be met by the Athletic Department and the teams themselves.  This is where the Boosters (OSHAB) come in.  OSHAB fund raises through various means (see below for more details) and provides that capital to the Athletic department to assist ALL the teams. We are “ONE OAKTON”


Donations are tax deductible!


The more successful the Boosters (OSHAB) are,
the more resources ALL our teams will have.

“A rising tide raises all boats”.



Facts you may not know:

  • The Oakton Athletic Department supports 44 athletic teams, impacting approximately 1100+ students in any given year.  In broad terms it’s about half of the student body.
  • The funds received from FCPS ONLY cover stipends for the coaches, transportation, game officials and basic facilities.
  • The new activity fee goes directly to FCPS and not to Oakton HS 
  • Team uniforms, equipment and capital improvements to OHS facilities must come from other sources and the Booster Club helps to take on this responsibility. ALL the teams (small and large) benefit from the Boosters. 

Ready to help?  


We have ambitious goals! 

  • With the OHS renovation, now is the time.  To take advantage the Boosters in partnership with the Oakton Athletic Department is working on a new Capital Improvement plan.  There are a number of suggested items, some of which include:
  1. A top-notch weight room and training facility for all our Cougars!
  2. A small outdoor locker room and storage facility - Freeing up space in the school and providing our teams and visitors more space.
  3. Lights for the tennis courts - allowing more scheduling flexibility and use of the courts
  4. Turf for the softball and baseball fields - increasing utilization and reducing maintenance costs.  Also with the site work taking place with the renovation, we may be able to save money if this can be performed and coordinated with the site work for the renovation.
  5. These improvements will not only help OHS but also the community as a whole who make such heavy use of OHS facilities.

The Booster organize and manage the following:

  • Booster Membership Drive
  • Cougar Store
  • Cougar Canteen
  • Concessions at all home game
  • Cougar Golf Tournament
  • Alumni Fundraising Drive for Activities Facilities enhancements
  • Sponsorship Campaign for Fundraising


How can you help?


  • Become a Booster Club Member:
  • Become a Booster Sponsor
  • Buy a field banner or sign
  • Buy Cougar swag and gear in the Cougar Store
  • Play in or Sponsor the Booster Golf Tournament 
  • Make a simple donation
  • Contribute to our Capital Fund (details coming soon)


Donations are tax deductible!




  • Assist with Booster pass distribution at key events
  • Help facilitate a game (annoucements; scoring; etc.)
  • Help at the concession stand.  Grill Kings welcome!
  • Help with the Cougar Store
  • Recruit golfers for the Golf Tournament
  • Help with communications / member recruitment
  • Want to help but not sure how – just contact us


We can always use more help!

Have questions?

Please email Pat Full, Director of Student Activities at, Melisaa Weber, Assistant Director at, or Sean Toole, Booster Club President at to volunteer with any aspect of Boosters or any other member of the Booster Board.  


Want to learn more?  Attend a Booster meeting

All are welcome to attend our Booster Meetings throughout the year.  You do not have to be a Team Rep to attend.  Meetings are generally held on a monthly basis, either at Oakton HS or at one of our local sponsors!